Yes, this is the first blog  post from VISION54. Lynn or Pia or both of us will blog about the game, coaching, our insights, discoveries and learnings.

54 is about believing in possibilities and holding a growth mindset around those possibilities. We DO believe a golfer will shoot 54 someday. And perhaps even lower. It makes perfect sense for us to believe in possibilities. Unfortunately so much of the golf instruction world is fixated on faults and errors and fixes  We believe it makes life and golf more pleasant to believe in possibilities. Your game, your life, your body and your brain are all dynamic.  The latest neuroscience says your brain has changed since you started reading this blog….just a few seconds ago. The possibility of growth is always there. All of us have latent capacities that just haven’t been awakened.  The question this first day of 2015  is which possibilities do you want to grow and express.

The definition of possibilities are:
  • a thing that may happen or be the case
  • the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood.
  • a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives

We’ve made up the word “possibiliting” For us it represents possibilities as a verb. It asks what are you going to take ACTION on and BE and DO to make the possibilities you desire come alive.

Two questions  for New Years Day 2015:

What would you do if you could? What could you do if you would?

Possibiliting wishes 🙂

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