How we learn

Check out this article on All You Need to Know About the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth, in Two Minutes 

We are intrigued reading many articles lately about learning styles and how they are not scientifically validated. This article does a good job explaining it.

We have always believed that everyone is unique and therefore you must learn as a coach or parent or spouse or teacher to listen and observe and get to know how another person is different than you. It’s only from this empathetic position that you can truly establish rapport and communicate effectively.

When it comes to our own golf coaching we’ve always tried to look through the players world and map of reality to honor their uniqueness in learning and playing golf.  We’ve used assessment tools to help guide the players discovery and self awareness. But remember the map is not the territory and the map can always change! So the importance of honoring uniqueness and being curious how each player learns and performs best is as valid as ever.

The danger in using learning styles to do the work is:

-Labeling students- not realizing each one of us is growing and learning all the time.

-Limiting the many ways the player can learn a skill – its best to hit all senses and all styles. Most importantly be aware of when its “working” and when its not! If you stay present you will know if it makes sense or non-sense.

-Not looking at at the weak links  (what we call NOT54). We’ve found that more golfers need to know what they actually do when they play GREAT (what we call MY54). At the same time everyone has their “shadow”.  Being honest and clear how one “gets in their own way” is extremely valuable. Remember what you resist…will persist.

Keep paying attention to how you learn. Stay curious and be mindful of how others learn 🙂

our education system


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